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We are a distributor of standard and special parts for molds, dies.

We provide the highest quality products, competitive price, delivery from the warehouse in Poland.

Detailed information in the catalog Metalimpex Form * Tłocznik * EDM.

Our offer:

- Plates for injection mold
- Fitting to die
- Elements leading to the molds and dies
- Ejectors,
- The punches and dies,
- Highest quality coil springs and elastomeric spring
- Gas springs, sliders
- Hot runner systems
- Heating elements for injection molds, injection molding machines and extruders
- Insert infusion tunnel
- Daters, numbering
- Locks and centering elements
- Quick to mold
- Pins and screws
- Machine screws
- Clamping Tools
- Vibrating conveyors and belt conveyors
- Maintenance chemicals to form

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