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About us

This is what has been promoted our company from very start! Our staff are our greatest asset as they incorporate creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism into their day-to-day business. This qualities  enable them to develop innovative solutions and products with conviction, and leads to their long-term loyalty.

Metalimpex Sp. z o.o. was established in 2004 as a sister  company of Laska’s Technika Przemysłowa Sp. z o.o., a pioneer in the market standard parts in Poland. We provide comprehensive services to customers in the selection and supply of components for press tools, dies and molds. Our innovative problem-solving, our flexibility, our professionalism along with high motivation of our staff
with our simple organisational structure allowed us to quickly become one of the leading suppliers in the market.

The company is located in Tychy - „the capital of Polish automotive industry.” Our wide range of customers include companies such as tool makers, plastics processing, automotive and household appliances manufactures and pharmaceutical. Right from the start we support our customers from designing to tool making  up to series production.

As a result of our long-term presence in the market, our employees have the technical knowledge that allows for the efficient selection of parts based either on technical documentation or designers splenification. We fend to our customers orders using all our experience and capabilities, which guarantees service in accordance with modern standards, while at the same time shortening are delivery time. A significant share of the orders are produced according to the specific drawings of customers. Our design department (2D/3D ProEngineer, Inventor, Autocad) is actively involved in the development of proposals and verification specification and drawings.

Quality - is an area on which we greatly focus on. We cooperate with renowned European manufacturers of standard parts, which have been duly certified by ISO. Our Quality Department also selectively controls the delivery of standard parts, and the „detail drawings” always go 100% control. Our measuring chamber is equipped with modern, specialized gauges. Measurement cards and material certificates can be presented, should a client request on.

Storage is the very heart of our company. In cooperation with the main forwarding companies, we dispatch dozens of shipments every day. We constantly maintain stocks of basic products, ensure prompt delivery to the customer for first assembly and for maintenance. All components are protected from damage.

Periodically arranged product training for our customers have become the standard
in our company. Our Technical Advisors have specific knowledge of the application and selection of all our components. We provide full warranty service.

Gas springs are regenerated by the employees of the mechanical workshop on a daily basis. For your convenience and security we provide installation services for gas springs also in customer plants. We are helpful with the selection and installation of hot runner systems and heating elements in injection molds.

We are continually monitoring processes and procedures. The weakest points are thus identified and form the basis for improvements and further development.


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